Saturday, September 17, 2011

3 Ways To Avoid Panda 2.3 From Stealing Your Revenue

It’s been nearly a month now, since the latest iteration of Google’s Panda 2.3 ‘algorithm’ code change/ranking system/update/destroyer of many blog, website, and article revenue has hit the streets. There is much at work here behind the scenes, and many of you may be wondering how it's affecting your hard work...Here's my article posted at Hubpages for more...

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New Counter-Strike:Source Map - Osama Bin Laden Abbottabad Compound Raid

It's funny, the very first thing I thought of after news of the the terrorist's death, [after WOW!], that is going to be a sweet map on CounterStrike: Source/Call of Duty/ARMA2/[insert favorite FPS here].

Sure enough, many closet and indie dev's began the task as soon as it crossed my mind. While we have some of the lamer attempts at the mission, curtesy of a clunky, browser FPS called 'Bin Laden Raid', there is still some talent out there giving a more faithful attempt at a mission that's details are obviously still a matter of theory.

Thus, people can now get their hands on the far better [if not dated] game engine of Valve's CounterStrike and download this new map scenario - called "fy_abbottabad" It's available at the website Game Banana. It was added four days ago and has been downloaded nearly 12,500 times by Tuesday afternoon, according to the site.

See full story at NYDAILYNEWS.COM HERE

There...Now you can go enjoy and satisfy all your inner-most Navy Seal warrior fantasies of killing Bin Laden! I know I will!! 
In the level, users can choose a variety of gameplay scenarios that take place at a terrorist's compound designed after Bin Laden's Abbottabad hideaway. (Fletch/GameBanana)

NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 590 Fighting For The Single Card Domination

"Back on Tuesday NVIDIA put out a quick teaser about a new video card that would be launching today. As virtually all of you correctly guessed, it was the GeForce GTX 590, NVIDIA’s latest dual-GPU monster. Coming only two weeks after the launch of the Radeon HD 6990, NVIDIA wants their spot back as the single card king, and it’s the GTX 590 that will fight for it. But does the GTX 590 have what it takes to dethrone the 6990 so soon?" To find out- read the review HERE at one of my favorite sites, AnandTech.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Corsair releases 24GB DDR3 memory kit!

Per Tech Report:

Got $1,350 burning a hole in your pocket? Does leaving DIMM slots unpopulated in your motherboard make you strangely uncomfortable or keep you up at night? Then Corsair's new 24GB Dominator memory kit might be what you're looking for. The kit unites six 4GB DDR3 modules for use in a triple-channel Core i7-900 system, and it ensures you probably won't have to upgrade again before DDR3 becomes obsolete.

Corsair rates the 24GB Dominator DDR3 kit for operation at 1,333MHz with 9-9-9-27 timings and a 1.65V VDIMM setting. Those specs mirror what we're used to seeing on value-oriented 4GB and 6GB triple-channel kits, although naturally, those kits all include 2GB modules. The 4GB DIMMs in Corsair's latest kit have twice the memory density, so relatively conservative specifications make sense. Motherboard compatibility may play a part, as well.

In any case, Corsair says it's "rigorously tested" the 24GB kit in "high-performance platforms" based on Intel's X58 Express chipset. The memory vendor is also not taking any chances on the cooling front, because it's outfitted the six modules with DHX+ heatsinks and bundled them with a Dominator Airflow Fan air cooler.

The kit is available right now from Corsair's online store for $1,349.99. Corsair recommends this latest product for "computational research, HD digital content creation, working with multiple virtual machines, and other data-intensive applications."

Monday, July 27, 2009

Cloning myself.

Yes, I AM sorry, I started this little blog with the highest of expectations, but alas, I am so very busy I created one blog too many.

I will eventually come back here, clean up the place, sweep up the old cobwebs, and actually write some helpful articles on this and that. I will have more time with the coming winter, and a 12 hour shift schedule at work.

With Windows 7, and DirectX 10 and 11 gaining speed, the future of PC's and gaming are looking bright!

If I clone myself, I would just dedicate mobias V2.0 to this project, 24 hours a day....